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Virtual Colonoscopy

Virtual computed tomographic colonoscopy utilizes radiographic images obtained by CT technology, rendering two and three-dimensional images of the colon. The technique is rapidly evolving and appears promising as an adjunct method to perform screening examinations for colorectal cancer.The patient is imaged and the observer is then able to perform a virtual "fly-thru" of the colon. The larger the polyp or lesions (> 1cm) the greater sensitivity. This a service NOT offered by our facility.

With sophisticated software Bi-dimensional images are merged to generate 3-D views of the colon.

Advantages of Virtual Colonoscopy:

  • minimally invasive
  • accuracy improving as technology evolves
  • lower rates of complication
  • avoids the need and risks for sedation
  • avoids the risk of perforation
  • compares favorably for time consumption (30 minutes)

Disadvantages of Virtual Colonoscopy:

  • patients still require a mechanical bowel preparation
  • does not detect or assess microscopic disease
  • if polyps are found, it will still require a formal colonoscopy with polyp removal
  • efficacy still controversial (further data is required to support full transition of screening for colorectal cancer to VCT)
  • not covered by insurance or Medicare

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