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Your Visit to DEC
Patient Rights/Responsibilities
Frequent Questions

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What To Expect

A Phone Call

Before your procedure you will be contacted by our Patient Representative who will cover issues regarding your insurance and payments. After your procedure you will receive a followup call to check on you. All information is confidential.

At The Center

When you arrive you will register and complete two information forms. Our nursing staff will escort you from the lobby to the pre-op area. The procedure will be confirmed, your medical history will be reviewed and a pre-sedation/anesthesia assessment will take place. An IV will be started. The procedure will follow. After your procedure you will be taken to the post-anesthesia recovery unit. Your physician will speak with you about your findings. Discharge instructions will be given.

After The Procedure

The effects of your sedation will wear off quickly. You may feel bloated until you pass some gas introduced during your procedure. You will be discharged to home with the responsible adult of your choice where you may resume your usual diet. DO NOT operate equipment or vehicles and DO NOT make important decisions or drink alcohol until the following day. If you experience any fever, bleeding or pain at home, please call your physician immediately.

Why do I need someone to drive me home?
You will be required to arrange for a responsible person to escort you safely home after your procedure. Even though you will be awake by the time you are discharged, the medication used to sedate you will cause a change in your reflexes and judgment similar to the effects of alcohol.

How soon will I know the results of the test?
Your physician will speak with you in the post-anesthesia recovery unit regarding any findings. All recovered polyps and biopsies are sent to pathology and those results are reported to you by your physician in approximately one week.


Dallas Endoscopy Center (DEC) participates in a variety of health insurance plans and will file your insurance for you. You are responsible for deductibles and co-insurance payments at the time of arrival to DEC. Any “non-covered benefit” as determined by your insurance company will also be your responsibility. DEC's Patient Representative can provide you with an estimate of your payment responsibilities during your phone call prior to the procedure.

* Methods of payment accepted at Dallas Endoscopy Center are; Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa and/or Discover.

Please understand what is NOT included in your Facility fee.

As designated by Medicare and insurance contracts, a facility bills separately from doctors' services. The Facility fee therefore does NOT include any payment due for:

  • Physician Professional Service fee
  • Anesthesia Professional Service fee
  • Pathology fee (if needed)
  • Any additional procedures you and your physician decide to perform that have not been previously scheduled.

If you have billing questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at (214) 520-8235

Medicare Beneficiaries
DEC will bill Medicare directly for fees associated with your care. As a beneficiary of Medicare, you are responsible for deductibles and co-insurance.

Frequent Questions

Can I continue to take my regular maintenance medications?
Your preparation instructions from your physician's office should include medication use instructions with special attention to any use of blood thinners. Please take any blood pressure medications with a sip of water at their usual times. You will need to perform the bowel prep that your doctor prescribed for you. On the day before your procedure you will want to take your diabetic medication. On the day of the procedure, DO NOT take any diabetic medication. Bring it with you to DEC. You will be able to take it immediately following your procedure. If you are on insulin, you need to speak with your Physician about dosage adjustments.

When should I check in?
Typically we request you arrive ONE HOUR prior to your scheduled procedure time.

How long will I be at the facility?
From check in to check out, you will be at DEC for approximately 3 hours.

Do I need to contact my insurance company to notify them of my procedure?
Yes, always notify your insurance company of upcoming procedures. It is appropriate for you to speak with them regarding your benefits for Facility fees and Professional Service fees.

How much is the Facility fee for the procedure?
A DEC Patient Representative will contact you several days prior to your procedure to provide this information.

What about sedation/anesthesia for the procedure?
Upon arrival, you will be asked to sign a consent form granting a Certified RN Anesthetist permission to perform sedation/anesthesia for your procedure. Anesthesia Professional Service fee is not included in your Facility fee.

Dallas Endoscopy Center, LLC is proud
to be a freestanding, physician-owned, outpatient Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) providing an alternative setting for procedures away from the inpatient hospital setting. Our staff is committed to providing quality, efficient and cost-effective care. DEC is approved by the State, certified by Medicare and has the highest AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) accreditation offered.

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