Dallas Endoscopy Center Policies

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Dallas Endoscopy Center, LLC - Notice of Physician Ownership

The physicians who practice in this facility are Board approved and licensed in the State of Texas. You may request a review of credentials from our Administrator.

This Center is privately owned and managed by the following physicians:

  • Dr Esmail M. Elwazir
  • Dr. William G. Hodges
  • Dr. Robert M. Jacobson
  • Dr. Rajeev Jain
  • Dr. Bhavni Moparty
  • Dr. Michael J. Nunez
  • Dr. Floyd C. Odom
  • Dr. Kimbery M. Persley
  • Dr. Roberto Rodriguez-Ruesga
  • Dr. William E. Stevens
  • Dr. Chrisopher J. Vesy
  • Dr. Abar Ahmed
  • Dr. Ben Kahn
  • Dr. Jason Martin